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mile and a quarter. york, that's the worst of it. and a lone shower in western maryland. hagerstown is 68 and we are holding on along with annapolis to 71. mid-70s by 9:00. en90 for the drive home. a hot day ahead. hey, everybody. we are cruising to the 6:00 hour. watching a lot of incidents or accidents clear out of the roadway. we like it like that. moving to 95 northbound. we take it outside and that's where we have watching volume build between the prince william parkway to route 1 woodbridge. next as we continue to 395, nothing but volume between duke and seminary and the accident at seminary is out of here. route 4, route 5 and 301. we zoom in. no incidents or accidents on the roadways and finally wrap it up with 270. seeing a lot of head lights out here. more drivers hitting the road. congestion from germantown road
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to 370. that's the latest. back to you. at the top ott hour, here's a look at the stories happening today. president obama speaks to the united nations this morning. he will address the general assembly. topics include the wars in iraq and afghanistan and the overall war on terror. today republicans will reveal the new pledge to america in sterling, virginia. the gop promises to repeal democrat's health care reform package if it wins back the house in november. barring last-minute action, teresa lewis will be executed tonight in virginia. she pleaded got ordering the murders of her husband and stepson. governor mcdonnell rejected two requests. also today a sit-down meeting between the presumptive next mayor and the school chancellor. kristin fisher is live outside of the wilson building. >> we don't know if we will have a definitive answer as to
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what will happen with rhee today but at the very least we should be getting some kind of indication as to how their relationship will be progressing in the weeks leading up to november's general election. this has been the dominant issue ever since vince gray won the democratic primary last week. rhee signaled she has no long- term interest in working for gray. one day after his primary victory she called the win devastating for dc school children. that's not the kind of statement you are likely to make if you are hoping to impress your new job and keep your job but for gray's part he said it is contingent on the conversation they will be having at noon today. listen to what he said this past monday to a group of reporters. >> do you see any scenario in in which the two of you will work together. >> it is contingent on the discussion. >> how about the post of.
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>> she put out a qualifying statement. the important thing is to talk to one another not other people. >> reporter: and they will be talking to one another at noon today. this is a doored-door meeting. so we will not know what is happening in the meeting, but the two will be taking questions after the meeting is over. back to you. >> do we have any idea if there is any pressure on chairman gray to keep michelle rhee? >> absolutely. there is pressure on both sides but we are talking about presidential pressure, pressure from obama's pointman on u.s. education secretary arne duncan. yesterday he said he was a big fan of rhee and thought her leadership was still needed as chancellor of dc's public schools. he's also said he has reached out to both prix and gray to see if he could help to strike a deal between the two. that's kind of what's been
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going on the past few days. duncan has said he may be speaking with one or bowe of them before -- both of them before the meeting and gray is getting pressure on the other side. it was the dc teachers union who really wanted -- they were big supporters of gray and they want him to fire rhee because she of course fired 266 teachers lassock due to budget reasons. he is getting hit on both sides on this one. today, six months after it was passed by congress, some of the first parts of the health care reform package goes in to affect. -- speaking yesterday in falls church, virginia, president obama said these measures will
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make health care more affordable. >> you have some basic measures of protection in interacting with the health care system, which means you are not going to go bankrupt, you are not going to lose your house f, heaven forbid, you end up having an accident and you you are able to get the quality care you need. >> reporter: most of the big changes in the bill will not take effect until 2014. investigators will return to the scene of a fire that killed a mother an two of her children. we told you about the fire yesterday on haguele circle off of route 1 in lorton, virginia. eileen armstrong is saved with with -- is credited with saving two of her children but there was nothing to do for the ortwo children trapped inside. >> we couldn't do anything. >> reporter: armstrong's surviving children and their father are in the burn units at washington hospital. some of them are life-
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threatening injuries. traffic on interstate 86 can be a 24/7 affair. so why are the shoulder lanes open only during rush hour? that's the question lawmakers are asking. they are considering a plan to keep the shoulders or green arrow lanes open around the clock. it would cost $8 million. the county is looking at long- term solutions like extending metro and adding hot lanes. time for a "living $mart" report. and there's a warning for all of us using smart phones. >> the popularity of the iphone, the droid, incredible, all of those smart phones, driving sales of apps but we want to load up the greatest and latest applications but before you do, you should know there is a down side to that down load. more and more are cell phones are serving needs like little computers but that transition is opening us up to new cyberthreats. >> we down load an a, you are
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giving tremendous access to your phone, to your contacts, to maybe your location so your pictures, some personal information. >> reporter: jewels heads up a consumer privacy group and says consumers need to be aware of the risk when down loading an app. >> it is certainly buyer beware. the other day i discovered my battery meter was requesting my location. what was it doing with my location. >> reporter: it may doing more than tracking your movements. droid 09 created dozens of fake banking applications to trick people in to giving up user names and password and they found one if five android applications has the ability to give away private information putting you in danger of viruses and identity theft. so use your common sense before you down load an a pacific p. >> look at the reviews. if you are the first person to
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down load an app, maybe you don't want to be a guinea pig. >> use the security features. >> under general, location services you will find all of the applications that want to know where you are an allow i don't see to say no thanks. >> we don't think twice of what we do to protect our phone even though this is a powerful computer and intimate thing with all kinds of data. >> reporter: another option, down load an app that keeps an app on. we will have more coming available because the risks are available out there. >> never realized how powerful that little gadget was. >> little computer in your hands. >> that's good advice. here's other advice. when you get a parking ticket relax. that's the message in
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cambridge, massachusetts. the city is sit putting yoga advice on the back of envelopes. there are 40,000 envelopes done at no extra cost. they are hoping to bring peace to people illegally park maybe if they do away with the fine it would help, too. up next a family's tragedy turns in to a financial nightmare as well. >> my parents are spending over $500 a monday and will be through 2020. in three minutes the dangers of private student loans. what's hidden and what you can do to protect yourself. right now our focus on maryland's traffic and weather. here's howard. >> fairly quiet except one area in maryland. take you to clear spring through hancock. we have showers and thunder and light thing thing with this one. hagerstown, you will see that the next 30 minutes as the storm marchs east. looking at the forecast on this very hot thursday. we start warm with temperatures in the low 70s by 9:00.
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noontime low to mid-80s. 82 gaithersburg. 84 camp springs. we head to the afternoon with readings again in the low 90s in many areas. angie? >> traffic alert, traffic alert for you, maryland. right now a live look from sky 9. here's the situation out at powder mill where it bet metes beltsville drive. traffic lights are out. no police are on the scene directing traffic. if you need to head this way, please use caution as treat it as a four-way stop. to new hampshire avenue we go. to lockwood where the they meet. and free flowing traffic right now. river road inbound to goldsboro, nice and quiet in to the district. you are watching 9 news now. we will be
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hi, home. i'm home.
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genuine glee just $14.99 and $79.99. find what makes you happy at a price that makes you homegoods happy. we're back with important information on student loans. during the course of a loan most worry about a student defaulting but if you are a cosigner you need to prepare war worse-case scenario if the tune becomes disabled or dies. >> my parents are now spending over $500 a month. and will be through 2020 paying off the debt. >> he needed financial help so
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he took out private student loans to the tune of $45,000. >> he was 23 when he got hurt. he was 25 when he passed away. >> reporter: christopher was hurt in an accident and he spent two years in a con stan vegetative state before dying. >> it was horrible. it was heart wrenching. >> as horrible as it was for ryan to lose a brother and his parents a son, his death also sparked a financial tsunami for the family what you are told when you cosign for the loan is you are responsible for repayment if the original borrower defaults on the loan. not if he dies. >> reporter: all the the information is often buried in the fine print of the contract, but what is often never talked about or put in the paperwork is information on protections for the cosigners, most notably credit insurance which repays it in case of death or disability. >> no one told me. i don't know if anyone told
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you. it is a whole industry in the u.s. where you can, just like you would insure your mortgage with gap coverage there is insurance to cover your student loan. >> when i heard the story of christopher and his family i was outraged. i would like to know who made the commitment. >> reporter: it prompted connelly to cosponsor legislation that will change the way private student loans are handled. >> we are trying to have sunshine and transparency. >> reporter: christopher's law will require banks to tell cosigners about obligations in case a student dies or is incapacitated and inform them about credit insurance. the law will not require lenders to forgive the loan. >> this bill will not help us. it is too late for us. once christopher's law is passed if and when it is passed it will help families in the future so they do not end up in this situation. >> reporter: we are talking
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about private loans here, not federal student loans them government forgives those if a student is disabled or dies. it should be noted there are private loans with forgiveness policies. you nude need to shop around. another piece of advice if you are a cosigner have a power of attorney other your child's finances in case they become incapacitated. without it you won't have access to your child's bank account or be able to renegotiate loan payments. howard? >> we are looking at a little shower action. nothing like last night and this afternoon not expecting widespread severity of the storms even though one or two will be possible. go back two to three hours and look at the radar. wyeth while it is fairly quiet for most of us, in western maryland a few showers are popping not far from
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hagerstown. go to live doppler 9000 hd. zoom in there and you can see through clear spring the showers and thunderstorms are moving to the east. along knot of i-70 near the pennsylvania border. in hagerstown ear you will see this. give it 20 to 30 minutes. otherwise a fairly quiet morning out there and the bus stop forecast, generally clear and mild. muggy, as well. humidity is up. temperatures in the 60s an 70s and sunrise 6:56. for today, look at the sunshine and the heat. 90 to 95 and a south wind at five to ten 84 by noon and 90 for the drive home. the air quality today is nod rate. today, partly cloudy, patchy fog will be possible but light wind out of the south. and temperatures in the 60s to low 70s. tomorrow sunny, breezy, record heat is possible. 90 to 97.
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today's record 98 at national. and we sit at 71 at annapolis. 70 at pax river. bill in newlisten called in with 68. 63 from cross junction where steve is telling me his temperature is 67. culpeper 68. with showers west of hagerstown you are 68. white northernly wind at six miles an hour. some showers and storms in the rockies toe plains here. a lot of action. you can see the system spinning back here. starting to take shape. that's moving to the east. ahead of it the heat is on and isolated showers we are seeing generally south of that boundary. what we will watch as we go through today and tomorrow, a couple of showers or storms will be possible later on this afternoon. you can see them here. areas of green going through us. we quiet down overnight tonight. no real trigger tomorrow.
6:18 am
not expecting anything tomorrow tomorrow evening a cold front to the west is closer to us by saturday morning with perhaps an early morning or late friday night shower. this will come through. we can say good-bye to the 90s and hello to the 80s and 70s before the weekend is out. the seven-day forecast, 92 today. 94 tomorrow. that would tie the record. saturday 83 with early morning shower. sunday 78 and next week, look at that, monday, tuesday and wednesday u upper 70s to low 80s with a couple of showers possible. look at the matches. a couple of things going on. begin in silver spring. we have a report of a truck fire. east randolph road. be careful approaching octagon lane. sky 9, we are in the clark dark here at powder mill and beltsville drive. police are on the way.
6:19 am
remember, will keep in mind to treat it as a four-way stop. over to virginia we go. a water main break in alexandria causing problems at crest wood an valley drive. use caution this way. and 95 northbound. no incidents or accidents, but you are factoring in five minutes or so to make it from the prince william parkway to lorton. a maryland man was among the nine troops killed in tuesday's helicopter crash in southern afghanistan. brendan looney became a navy officer in 2004. he later completed seal training. he lived in silver spring and graduated from dematha high school in ' 99. he play football and baseball in high school where his coaches remembered him fondly. >> if you could point to an alumnus and have present students to say that's the kind of person you want to become that would be brendan looney. >> tuesday's crash was the deadliest since may of 2006.
6:20 am
the district woman, whose eviction became a neighborhood spectacle has a place for her belongings, at least for now. it is a followup to a story we brought you yesterday morning. diaz was evicted on tuesday and her belongings stretched for two blocks and weighed $32,000. jk moving and storage hauled away the belongings for free and giving her a front's storage for free. she hopes to land back on her feet. the nationals are close to a decision on skipper jim riggleman. and the redskins prepare to face bradford.
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we're back with sports.
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trent williams tweaked his knee but hasn't been ruled out for the game on sunday. the nationals will reportedly keep montgomery county native jim riggleman as the manager next year. an announcement will reportedly come later this week. nats fans hope that espinosa sticks an. he had a two run home run in the 7th to give washington the leads. the nats top the astros 4-3. look, hockey is back. the capitals took on the blue jackets in their preseason opener. matt hendrix had a hat trick for washington. they win 6-2 and visit nashville on saturday. still to come, hear from the woman scheduled to be executed tonight in virginia. and prices are going up at starbucks. learn which drinks will cost you more. and the first full day of autumn. will it feel like summer? howard has the forecast when 9
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i get to sleep faster, stay asleep and wake refreshed. melt to sleep fast. unisom sleep melts. st. pete mete some our our newest citizens. 17 people became americans.
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nationwide 9,000 became americans on what is known as citizenship day. thank you for starting your day with us. i'm andrea roane. meteorologist howard bernstein is on the weather terrace with the forecast. good morning. first day of autumn is feeling like a comfortable morning. one shower in hagerstown. and isolated showers in west virginia. if they survive the trip to the i-81 consider door in 45 minutes. hagerstown this is on your doorstep with lightning and thunder. little fog in saint indigo and also in cumberland is down to a half mile. otherwise smooth sailing out there with 80s, low 60s north and west to low 70s in town. southern maryland by the bay a hot day expected. 95 in the hottest spots.
6:30 am
5:00 p.m. 90 and a slight chance of a thunderstorm. it is 8:30. how are the roads? >> we have been tracking them all morning long. keeping an eye on a couple of spots out there. we will focus in on silver spring, maryland where we have a truck fire on east randolph road and octagon lane. avoid the area or if you have to go this way use caution. on the outer loop we are slow from new hampshire over to georgia avenue. right now not so bad. probably an extra five minutes or so and virginia, of course we can't forget about you. 86 eastbound is stacking up no incidents between 50 and 123. an extra five to ten minutes there and that's growing. back to you. this morning, there are people trying to get ready for work and school without electricity. those scattered storms which rolled through yesterday knocked out power. pepco is dealing with 383 outages right now. most in montgomery county.
6:31 am
bge has over 2,000. its focus is in anne arundel county. a few outages reported by dominion and smeco. the daughter of a man outbounded killed by teresa lewis will witness the her execution tonight. lewis was asked about her last words for mcdonnell. he denied two appeals for clemency. >> i will tell the governor, if i speak to him one on one, how sorry i really am. why wish to happen. there are people i love very much an i wish i could take it back. >> reporter: the u.s. supreme court refused to stay the execution. lewis will be the first woman put to death in virginia in over a century. in a few hours an important
6:32 am
meeting at the wilson building in the district. vincent gray will sit down with michelle rhee. kristin fisher is live in northwest washington with a preview. good morning. >> good morning. the dominant question in the wake of last week's democratic primary is what will happen with michelle rhee. we now know that we may be getting an answer by the end of the day at the earliest. vince gray and michelle rhee will be sitting down here inside the wilson building today at noon it will be a closed door meeting. no media allowed inside and what they will be doing is discussing what rhee's future will be or would be in a gray administration. both sides have indicated that rhee's future is shaky with gray at best. rhee called gray's victory devastating for dc's children and yesterday, wtop said he would be open to considering
6:33 am
rehiring some of the teachers rhee fired last october. it is hard to see how these two could work well together given that all of that has been said but gray has said he will not make any decision until he sits down with rhee, face to face. that's going to happen today and he said regardless of what happens with rhee, he will remain committed to education reform in the district. take a listen. >> i'm committed to continue with aggressive education reform. having a fully empowered chancellor to run our schools a birth to 24 approach to education. a commitment to involving stakeholders more in the city and making sure we have fiscal responsibilities. >> i have to point out a decision henri is not guaranteed to come out of the meeting. this still could be a while but at the least we know the two will be taking questions after the meeting is over. meeting starts at noon.
6:34 am
we don't know how long the meeting will last. a spokesman for gray has said it could be some time. could be a few hours. but at the very least they will be fielding questions from reporters once it is said and done. >> now, while gray lays out his plan for his administration, there are people who want mayor fenty to stay. a facebook page called run fenty run is encouraging people to write in the mayor's tough name in the general election. it has 2400 followers already. mayor fenty has not said he is interested in a write in campaign. changes are coming to the busy pentagon metro station. beginning on monday, people going between the train station and bus platform will be to be moved. follow the signs and directions as the work is done. this is the result of last march's shooting near the pentagon metro. a gunman open opinioned fire during the rush hour. he was taken down by pentagon
6:35 am
security. time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle has breaking business news. bondholders led by billionaire carl carl icahn are expected to control the company at this. blockbuster missed payments on billion dollars in debt. it is expected to close stores across the country. they have been losing business as more are turning to netflix, and cable box for their down loads. tvs are getting cheaper. prices are coming down in time for the holiday shopping season. by the end of the month, lcd prices are down 5% from last year and display surgery say unless the last three mondays of year they will be down 12%. i supply predicts a 32-inch lcd
6:36 am
will cost between 200 and hundred. if you like the fancy starbucks coffees, gee ready to dig deeper. starbucks is raising prices on drinks that are larger and more time consumeing to make. starbucks may also raise the price of packaged coffee including beans sold at stores but most of the coffee and espresso drinks are expected to be the same and some may drop which would be nice. >> what's your favorite? >> i love a latte. >> tall skim latte if anyone is listening. >> i'm a tall mocha decaf with with with with with whipped cream. >> a measure designed to keep bags out of waterway and fund the cleanup of the anacostia river went this to affect nine months ago and fishes say they have seen a 60% drop in plastic bags use over last year.
6:37 am
ahead, a new study on the effectiveness of mammograms. plus, president obama speaks to world leaders about his international agenda. i'm at the united nations and i will have that story. right now it is 6:37. howard begins the daily focus on virginia's weather and traffic. >> quieter yesterday evening when we had the thunderstorms. you will enjoy a nice start to your thursday. show you what we are expecting for today across virginia. we have sunshine with a few clouds mixed in. temperatures in the 60s like charlie at catlett. he's. -- 63. to the 9:00 hour, low to mid- 70s out there with partly to mostly sunny skies. having lunch outside, hot in mass transit, 86. 84 lees burburg. looking for highens once again around if not over the 90 free
6:38 am
mark. >> thank you very much. virginia it's all about you right now. focusing on your roads. backlick road and edsall, lanes are wide open in springfield. a we switch over to the fairfax area, we give you live route 50 and route 29. no incidents or accidents to report. nice and quiet. and finally aboard on the southbound gw parkway. we are traveling it. smooth ride from the beltway past 123 to the 14th street bridge. hope you are off to a great thursday. it is 6:38. 9 news now will be right back.
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later this morning, president obama will deliver his second address to the united nations general assembly. and all the world will be watching. randall pinkston reports the president will cover a wide range of issues. >> reporter: president obama's expected to use today's u.n. speech to remind the world and americans of how far his administration has come. in front of nearly 200 global leaders, he will highlight america's progress in iraq and afghanistan. and promote u.s. efforts to kick start the world economy. the president will defend his attempt to jump start middle east peace talks after two years. also high on the agenda, slowing the spread of nuclear weapons. >> i think he will try to keep the world on board to make sure that iran and north korea are shunned for their defiance of the nonproliferation treaty. >> reporter: the president is not expected to just talk about his administration's achievements but expand on the
6:44 am
wider goal of his administration. >> put simply, the united states is changing the way we do business. >> reporter: at a u.n. antipoverty summit on wednesday, the president unveiled new rules for foreign aid. he vows to help poorer nations help themselves rather than just spending money on short- term relief. >> let me be clear. the united states of america has been and will remain the global leader in providing assistance. we will not abandon those who depend on us for life-saving help. >> reporter: but with america's own poverty rate at an all-time high he is under intense pressure to keep america's economic problems his priority. at the united nations, randall pinkston, 9 news now. >> besides his address to the general assembly, president obama will meet privately with leaders of china, japan and columbia. we say good morning to howard bernstein. sharing his forecast with us and. >> more heat and humidity and fewer storm interest but it is fall. >> not really fall.
6:45 am
i know it was at 11:09 last night. we hit that autumnal equinox but not going to feel it until later in the week and as we head to october. let's go out there right now. the last three hours, radar has been busy in west virginia and western maryland. on live doppler 9000 hd, don't worry about that over on the eastern shore but that blip in west virginia, up to hagerstown, that is some real rain shower activity. fairly light stuff is what we are looking at here. near moorefield, west virginia. let's step out of the way and do it the old-fashioned way. that is past moorefield to 522 and wardensville. this is a fairly light shower. as we go and look up to the hagerstown area, we have one shower which produced lightning. smithburg, by the way, bill said hardly any rain. streams and creeks are dried up.
6:46 am
the third driest september going back to 1980 for him. on the weather computer talk about the bus stop forecast. most of us have no problem. it is clear to partly cloudy, mild, 60s and 70s. low 70s. sun is coming up in ten minutes. a nice start to the day but it will warm up quickly. 76 by 9:00. 84 by noon. 90 at 5:00. with highs 90 to 95 and code yellow air quality. tonight, partly cloudy, a patch or two of fog toward morning. 63 to 73. 7:05 on the sunset and tomorrow sunny and breezy and record heat heath possible. tomorrow's record 94. highs 92 to 97. 71 in annapolis from lou anne. 72 cambridge. 66 in winchester and leesburg. hagerstown you have had showers 68 and martinsburg along with cross junction and cumberland 63. petersburg 66 in west virginia. a dew.of 66 with air
6:47 am
temperature of 61. air temperature is 81% and north wind six miles an hour. the next weather maker you see in the central part of the country. low pressure not far from the dough dakotas and nebraska. but the cold front with that low, that's going to be arriving by the time we get in to friday night and early saturday morning. so we will watch for the chance of a shower or two today. less action than yesterday and then this front will march east and east and be in the vicinity saturday morning. might see a shower with that but definitely bring an end to this late september heat wave. 94 tomorrow by saturday 83. sunday 76 and a chance of a few showers early next week. time for traffic update. we are creeping closer to the 7:00 hour and finding new problems on the roadways. a closer look. a report of a disabled truck is what we are watching at 93
6:48 am
georgetown pike. be careful. so far, volume is okay. no major incidents as far as 270 is concerned. as we open the door but we are crawling from father hurley to the split. right now it is already an extra 15 minutes. that, my friends, is growing. 495 in virginia filling out braddock road to 66. plus five to ten for that. and finally real quick. 395 northbound, it is a slow ride bumper-to-bumper making your way from edsall to seminary. back to you. in a study out today, it finds there are health benefits for women in their 50s and 60s to get mammograms but they are more modest than previously thought. the study finds women in their 50s and 60s that had a mammogram every two years reduced their risk of dying by 10% from breast cancer. they say it cut the death rate up to 28%. the study is in the new england journal of medicine.
6:49 am
to learn more about the study and get other breast cancer prevention news, go to and click on the buddy check tab on the top of the home page. a tasty way people in new orleans are helping the fight against breast cancer the world's biggest king cake. it weighs 8,000-pounds. slices went for $7. proceeds will go to susan g. komen for the cure. it is circled the super dome. it is 73 degrees here in northwest washington. an investigation in to that recall of half a billion eggs. in three minutes, what we learned on captiol hill. tomorrow is the latest edition of game night report. this morning campus correspondent play of the day is sin maries in leonardtown, maryland. in the quarterback christened the stadium with a 12-yard keeper for the touch down.
6:50 am
although paul won the game 88- 14. the high schoolers, if you would like to become a 9 sports campus correspondent get a free flip cam and a chance to win $5,000 scholarship. just log on to dc.high school to apply.
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airport poll joys from two companies involved in egg recall. but congress wants conditions after listening about the filthy conditions a the farms. the virginia department of transportation had nearly $500 million and didn't know it. a private audit shows they cut costs and closed rest stops because it was unaware how much it had. police say racing led to a crash in beltsville, maryland. two students were killed when it crashed yesterday. a quieter day expected. could see a thunderstorm or two
6:54 am
this afternoonful 84 by noon. 90 by five with highs 90 to 95. relief by the week. i will have the seven-day forecast coming up and angie will have another look at traffic when we return.
6:55 am
right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at back with the latest fried food creations. the cuisine is from massachusetts and the big hit this year, fried butter balls. break up and the butter oozes out. they have those in texas, as well. but wait, how about this, fried jelly beans. yikes! outside fried, gooey on the inside. >> i vote for the butter balls. >> hey, everybody. talk about the traffic. a water main break in the district. this is something new. p street is closed between 13th
6:58 am
and 14th in northwest. 395 northbound, you are jammed from 495 to seminary and again from the above to -- pentagon to the 14th street bridge. on the inner loop a slow ride from braddock to 66. plus, ten minutes and father hurley. this is a headache. check it out. it is barely moving here. crawling from father hurley to the split. plus, 15 minutes and getting longer. howard? yesterday we had 95. tied the record at 94 at dulles. today at a record at national. but today obtainable. still hot a and a thunderstorm 2004 today but nothing like yesterday afternoon. saturday more comfortable and 83. sunday in the 70s and next week perhaps much-needed spotty rain showers return. but we need a good soaking. this drought is not getting any better yet. maybe soon feeling like fall. as for wall street we are waiting on three economic reports and that could determine the direction of trading today. the "early show" is next with
6:59 am
more on president obama's address to the u.n. and more on the republican's new pledge to america. our next news is at noon, go to and get news, weather and traffic and don't forget to check out our interactive radar and apps for your iphone. >> have a fabulous friday eve. it is thursday. make it a gray day and hope to see you starting dark and early at 4:25 tomorrow morning. see you later. white house shake-up.

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